All You Need To Know About Lip Glosses

All You Need To Know About Lip Glosses
All You Need To Know About Lip Glosses

The trendiest makeup looks these days are all about that radiance and glow! Highlighters, body shimmers, and even glittery eye shadows are rising in popularity these past few months. Lip glosses have been featured before as some of our favorite beauty buys, so it’s no surprise that lip glosses are slowly but surely making a comeback on everyone’s feed and in real life, too!

Indeed, gone are the days when you had to dry your lips out for the sake of wearing matte lipstick. From the looks of it, lip glosses are going to be a main staple in everybody’s makeup kit and this is why.

How do lip glosses compare to other lip products?

If you want all eyes on your lips, then a lip gloss would be your best bet. One of the biggest differences between lip glosses and other lip products is that the former produces a shiny finish. Some of these products can definitely show a bright and reflective finish, while some would just cast a subtle glow whenever the light hits your lips. Lip glosses can also offer more variation in terms of pigmentation compared to most lip products. There are lip glosses that have little to no pigment because their main feature is their shine. However, there are also a lot of lip gloss products that provide vivid color payoffs to add to the glow!

What is the main ingredient of lip glosses?

Lip glosses have outshined other lip products because they can provide color, smoothness, and shine in one product. The best lip glosses will definitely glide on smoothly and show a lot of shimmer because of its key ingredient: emollients. These can either be synthetic or natural oils, such as seed oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. Most importantly, these emollients can also be very hydrating so your lips will definitely be smooth all day long!

What are the benefits of using lip gloss?

If you have dry lips, then lip glosses are the best product for you! Matte and long-wear lipsticks are very drying because of their wax content. On the other hand, you can hide and heal your chapped lips through a very moisturizing lip gloss. You won’t even need to prime with a lip balm before applying this product! Most importantly, lip glosses can make your lips look plump and luscious. Their shine adds more definition to your lips, so it’s the best product to use if you want a perfect pout.

How can you best apply lip gloss?

If you want to have the best results in your lip gloss application, then you need to follow these tips:

1. You can fake a fuller pout by lining your lips with a lip pencil! Use a lip pencil in a neutral shade to make it look more natural. Draw the inner corners of your lip line before following the natural contour of your lips. Then, you can apply lip gloss all over the area.

2. You can also lengthen the staying power of the color of your lip gloss using a lip pencil. Use a pencil that has a similar color to your gloss and color your lips from the outline into the center before applying your lip gloss.

3. Apply your lip gloss in small amounts to control the amount of shine! You can do this by putting little dots of the product on your top lip before rubbing your lips together.

Your lips would definitely look and feel luscious with one swipe of a lip gloss. This powerful lip product can enhance the appearance of your lips while making it smooth and kissable all day long.

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